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Ferrito Music is a Freelance Project undertaken by Stephen Ferrito and Miriana Ferrito, who are Song Artists, Choir Singers and Musical Freelance Artists in their own right,. The Musical Father & Daughter Duo, have decided to join their Musical Passion to create a unique and encouraging emotional musical experience for Beginners in the Music industry, for a wide range of audiences all around the world, through their free of charge [Not Copyright Free] Music and Lyrics. We trust you will enjoy our work, propose it to your friends, families and relatives as well as visit our YouTube Channel “Ferrito Music” by Clicking the Blue Button below.


Choir Singer and Freelance Music Artist – Stephen Ferrito

Stephen Ferrito has loved music from his early childhood days. He learnt how to play the guitar through his elder aunt at the tender age of 7 years. Ferrito pursued his musical studies in his youth, studying the pianoforte, musical theory and later, musical composition.
He has sung with various Maltese choirs including the Malta Choral Society, Voices, Enkor and currently Voca and co-founded the choir, Symphonik, which he also conducted for a number of years.

Choir Singer and Freelance Music Artist – Miriana Ferrito

Miriana Ferrito has loved music from the age of 8. She plays multiple instruments including guitars and guitar like instruments such as the guitalele and piano.

She is also part of multiple choirs like Voices Singing Group in Malta, Choir member in Symphonik as well as a Freelance Solo Artist in Local Maltese Festivals such as Ghanja tal Poplu.

Music & Songs Latest Releases & Social Media Updates

Christmas Away From You gets a new mix and remastering for Christmas 2021 | Free Music For Beginners [Not Copyright Free]

Ferrito Music thought it’s a new Christmas and yet it feels a bit “Away From” Everyone due to the unfortunate event of the COVID-19 Pandemic. So we (Miriana & Stephen Ferrito) thought let’s try to give our old Christmas Carol a Revamp. We have taken a New takes, remixed the song and also remastered it.…

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New Upcoming Song

Wait for it….. Coming soon…… Target date: 14th February 2021 Let’s keep you all updated. The music is written and has been recorded. The lyrics have been written and most of the vocal takes have been concluded. The song is shaping up nicely. We are currently working on the preparation of a music video and…

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