Stephen launches new Christmas Song

Stephen has launched his new Christmas song, Christmas Away From You

Christmas Away From You is an original Christmas song written by Stephen. We believe it reflects many peoples’ current emotional state. Music, lyrics, singing, and performance are done by Stephen together with the collaboration of two backing vocalists, his daughter and part of this new venture, Miriana and Claire Schembri. The video is composed of original material of Malta’s Capital City, Valletta shot by Sarah Cassar Dymond. The graphics are from We trust you like it and if you do, please press like. Thanks to all. Wishing you all the best from Malta.

Link to this project’s YouTube Channel:

Link to Stephen’s YouTube Channel:

Video link to this projects YouTube Christmas Away From You video:

Video link to Stephen’s YouTube Christmas Away From You video:

Published by Ferrito Music Free Music Tips For Beginner

Ferrito Music is a Free Song Sharing & Tips Website For Beginners. based in Malta. Perfect for new Musicians. Stephen & Miriana Ferrito are a father and daughter duo. This is a Freelance Project offering Music Tutorials and Feedback for Beginners

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